World Class Muskie. Intelligent Guide Service.

Lake of the Woods, Canada.

Every day is new. My aim is to learn from my experiences on the water while applying that experience to the service of my clients in a professional, courteous manner.

I care about people and I am a student of the lake.

Ryan McInerney, Muskie King.

When we arrive at the first spot of the day, wondering what lurks quietly beneath the water’s surface is simply thrilling. The sudden, violent fulfillment of those hopes can be almost unbearable. It’s easy to make a mistake when the biggest fish of your life is taxing your skill and equipment to the limit in its struggle to get away.

My job is to put you on that fish and help you get it in the boat by doing things right the first time.

Launching out of Morson, Ontario, we target world class muskie produced by beautiful, formidable Lake of the Woods.